Management team

We are accountable for our decisions and the impact of those decisions on the communities we work in. We have open minds and open doors. Let’s work together.

Neil Schembri

Neil Schembri

Founder and Co-owner

Over 40 years as a business owner in resource recovery, organics recycling, agriculture and property development.

“The beneficial re-use of abandoned sites and infrastructure is one of the most exciting things we can work on. It puts a stamp on the future with the strength of the past.”

Brett Hawkins

Brett Hawkins

Chief Executive Officer and Co-owner

25 years’ experience in property development and law, with a specialisation in mixed-use urban renewal and master-planned projects.

“We believe in safeguarding the fabric and future of local communities, while simultaneously advancing sustainable business.”

Malcolm MacLeod

Malcolm MacLeod

Development Manager – Greenspot 2845

10 years’ experience in civil construction and environmental management.

“Wallerawang was built around the employment opportunities the power station provided. The site’s key attributes can be used to continue to support the town and enhance that legacy.”

Co-owner and partner


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